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Canadian Football League Betting Guide

Canadian Football LeagueThe Canadian Football League, or CFL, was founded in 1958. This league is considered as the second oldest league in professional football in the North American continent. In each season there are four games that take place weekly. With this exciting schedule, punters are spoilt for choice. The CFL is exceptionally popular in Canada, which is another reason that contributes towards the excitement of betting on the sport. The CFL season duration is from June until December.

Canadian Football League betting is something bettors can enjoy from the comfort of their homes through the use of online sportsbooks. In this guide, we will list these reputable sports betting sites. We will also share with you the various betting options that are available. Another important factor to consider looking at is the structure of the league itself.  Tips can also be located in this guide. By the time you are done reading this guide, you’ll feel comfortable enough to bet on the CFL.

Sportsbooks for Canadian Football League

The Canadian Football League is available for punters at various sports betting sites. There are plenty of sportsbooks that are available on the internet for bettors who don’t feel like joining a queue. It is important that you conduct proper research as a bettor to see which sportsbook offers you more value for your money. To assist you with the search we have listed a few highly recommended sportsbooks.



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Season Structure

The Canadian Football League season structure is fairly easy to understand.

  1. The CFL season is split into three divisions; regular season, playoffs and the Grey Cup finals.
  2. Each team will play 18 games which constitute elimination rounds
  3. Following the elimination round, six teams compete in the playoffs, this takes up three weeks.
  4. Following the playoffs is the Grey Cup final, which attracts thousands of bettors every week.

Betting Lines in the CFL

There are plenty of betting lines that are applicable when it comes to betting on the Canadian Football League.

  • Moneyline – this betting option refers to the winner of the game. A punter simply picks a team that they assume will win the game.
  • Over/Under – commonly referred to as a Totals bet. This option refers to a number of total points in the game. Sportsbooks set these lines and the bettor predicts whether the total points will be over or under the number.
  • Point Spread – in this case, the sportsbook will level the playing field between the favourite team and the underdog. This means the favourite team would have to win by a certain number of points for the bet to be won. Should the underdog lose the game it would have to be over a certain number of points.
  • Futures – this betting type is set over a long period. The most basic example would be a bettor placing a wager as to which team will the season at the beginning of the season.
  • Props – these are also referred to as proposition bets. They do not depend on the outcome of the game. For example, a bettor would select a player will score first and if this does happen they will get a pay-out.
CFL Betting Guide Canada



Betting Tips

Every bettor needs to ensure that they have some sort of betting strategy. In this regard, we have listed a few tips below to assist you with formulating a strategy.

  • Don’t always bet on the favourite. Betting on the underdog can be profitable.
  • Do your research. Look at previous performances of team and individuals
  • Manage your bankroll (Budget)
  • Consider the travelling schedule of the teams you wish to bet on

Betting on the CFL is always a sport on its own. Signing up at a reputable sportsbook will make it easy for you to enjoy your betting journey!

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