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Best Golf Odds In CanadaOnline golf betting in Canada is like betting in any other sport if you want to make money from it have some knowledge of it. Online Canadian golf betting can be profitable if you know what you are doing. Golf Betting Canada is growing in leaps and bounds in Canada, this article will assist you in taking the first step towards becoming a better risk-taker.

Betting Golf odds are often unpredictable as they fluctuate daily. Reading all the odds on the various leagues, like the Ryder Cup odds, will better inform you and assist you with making the right bet.  The non-stability of these odds makes betting on golf quite the sport itself. To ensure you are on the right track with betting it is important to keep track of your favourite golfers’ performance in the first couple of games before placing a bet. Doing your research before placing any wager is just smart thinking. Reading more on golf betting tips will have you in leaps and bound ahead.

Golf Betting Online is available to Canadians and as previously mentioned, online sportsbooks are the only platform that a bettor can place a wager on a sport on the internet. There is a huge variety of sportsbooks to choose from. They all have some kind of bonuses and promotions for bettors. It is up to you to a pick a sportsbook you will be comfortable with. It is always recommended that a bettor from Canada chooses a sportsbook that switches to mobile view easily. The best sportsbooks for online golf betting are listed below.

Top Online Golf Betting Sites Canada

8 Top CA Sportsbooks Online

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Online Golf Betting

Golf online betting is not just restricted to tournaments in Canada. Bettors in Canada can place wagers on golf events taking place in other parts of the world. There are four championship tournaments in Golf that are worth noting and these are; Open Championship, the US Masters, the PGA Championship and the US Open. There are other tournaments that we will touch on. Whenever the events come around information like odds or open golf betting odds and stats is compiled in order for a bettor to place a well-calculated wager.

The Canadian Open, a professional golf tournament, is a golf event that is ranked as the richest in the country.  This tournament is organized by the PGA Tour alongside Golf Canada. The tournament is not exclusive to Canadian golfers only as US Golfers also qualify to be a part of the action. The tournament has been active since 1970.

Betting Types

Once you have picked a sportsbook you will see that there are several betting types available to online Canadian golf bettors. These bets can be found in sportsbooks, which a bettor will have to choose after some research to see which sportsbook is in line with their preferences. These bets are;

  • Match Bets – This type of wager pits two golfers against each other and this is when a bettor selects a golfer that they believe will win the game.
  • First Round Leader Bet – in any professional golf game there are four rounds. This bet is when a bettor places a wager on who will be leading the game after the first round.
  • Each Way Bets – this is when a bettor places a wager that their preferred golfer will finish at what number on the leader board.
  • To Win Bets – with this type of bet, a wager is placed on the golfer that is seen as the one that will win the tournament before the tournament starts.
  • Versus the field bets – this bet takes place once the tournament has started and there is a clear leader. A bettor will place a wager that someone else, other than the leader, will win the competition.

Golf Betting Canada
These bets may have different names or titles in all the different sportsbooks but they all essentially have the same meaning.

Tips For Online Golf Betting

There are many factors to include when making a bet. Remember to consider a player’s form and their previous performance play a big part in betting online. A player that has not been doing well in previous games will rarely win the next game. A bettor’s homework will rely heavily on looking at how previous games have been for golfers.  Bettors also need to take into consideration other factors that can contribute negatively or positively to the game.

  • It is always important to consider the weather
  • Place your wager on multiple players and not just one
  • As a bettor, it is important to trust your gut and not always listen to the hype around a team or, in this case, a golfer.

Internet golf betting may be tricky to learn but once a bettor factors in the open odds and statistics there is a high chance of cashing in. It makes sense to diversify your bets so as to increase your chances of winning.

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