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Canadian Triple Crown

Canadian Triple BettingCanadian Triple Crown race is the most exciting of all the horse racing events in Canada. The Canadian version of the Triple Crown was formed in 1959. This race is the most popular horse race event in Canada. It features thoroughbred horse races that take place annually.  The extent to which the race goes to honour those that participate is endearing. They have a Canadian Racing Hall of Fame that honours horses, the trainers as well as the jockeys.

Canadian Triple Crown offers bettors great value for their money with exciting wagering options. Punters are also offered great potential pay-outs. In this guide, we will look at the various top sports betting sites that are available to bettors in Canada. We will also be looking at the races that take place at the Canadian horse racing event. These races make up the Triple Crown. Lastly, we will take a look at the various betting options that are available during the Triple Crown Race in Canada. By the end of this guide, you should be able to confidently place bets on the races without much stress and doubt.

Top Race Books for the Canadian Triple Crown

Because this is such a major event in Canada the Canadian Triple Crown has betting options attached to it. There are several reputable sportsbooks that bettors in Canada can make use of. For your convenience, we have compiled these online sportsbooks that we highly recommend, below.



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What You’ll Find in this Guide:

Events that make up the Canadian Triple Crown

In total, as the name suggests, there are 3 events that make up the Canadian Triple Crown. Below, we will list these events in order of their appearance.

  • The Queen’s Plate – this is the first race of the Canadian Triple Crown.
  • Prince of Wales – in the triple crown this is the second race of the event
  • Breeders’ Stakes – of all the races this is the final leg in the racing event.

The Queen’s Plate

This race is hosted at the Woodbine Racetrack, also known as the Polytrack in Toronto. This race accepts 3-year-old horses to participate in the race. The race is considered as the most prestigious race in Canadian Horse Racing.  There are plenty of betting options available in this race.

Prince of Wales

This is the second race of the Canadian Triple Crown. Bettors in Canada can bet on the Prince of Wales race using the betting options that are available in horse racing. This is the only race that takes place on a dirt track. It happens at the historic Fort Erie Racetrack, located in Ontario.

Breeders’ Stakes

The Breeders’ Stakes is a race that caters to thoroughbred Canadian-bred horses that are 3 years old. The betting options affiliated with this race include Place, Win as well as show betting this is in addition to plenty of other betting options available. This race usually takes place at the E.P. Taylor Turf Course, which is located in Woodbine.

Canadian Triple Crown Wagering

Available betting Options

There are two main betting types in horse races with type having sub-divisions. The first time is the Straight wager. This betting type is when a punter bets only on one horse. Under this wager type these are the betting options:

  • Win
  • Show
  • Play

The second betting type is termed as the Exotic wagers section. These are the options under this bet type:

  • Trifecta
  • Exacta
  • Superfecta
  • Quinella

The Canadian Triple Crown is an event that punters in Canada look forward to every year. If you keen of being among these bettors feel free to sign up at any of our recommended sportsbook books to start betting today!

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