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Pimlico Race Track Guide Canada

Pimlico Race Track CanadaPimlico Race Track, which can be found in Baltimore, Maryland, was opened in 1870. The race course is known as one of the oldest race track that caters for thoroughbreds. The Pimlico Race Course is known for its iconic annual race, the Preakness horse race which has taken place for over 140 years. The Pimlico Race Course is commonly referred to as the ‘The Old Hilltop’. The race course has the capacity to house up to 98,983 horse racing enthusiasts.

Pimlico Race Track has stable that can take as many as 1,000 horses. The tracks famous race, the Preakness Stakes has held annually in May on the third Saturday of the month. The race is hosted between two other iconic races such as the Belmont Stakes and the Kentucky Derby. The purse for the iconic race stands at more than $1,500,000. In this guide, we will look at the various betting sites for punters interested in betting at events that place at the race course. We will also look at the various events taking place and the betting options available for the events.

Pimlico Race Course Betting Sites

Pimlico Race Course has a wide variety of events that punters in Canada can place bets on. There is various sports betting site that has the option of betting on these horse racing events. Bettors in Canada don’t have to leave their homes to place bets anymore. They can simply sign up to any these betting sites below.



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Pimlico Race Course Events

The Pimlico Race Course has two other most notable events apart from the Preakness race and these are; Black-Eyed Susan and the Dixie Stakes.

  • Dixie stakes – the race caters for female horses that are aged three-years-old and upwards. The purse of the race is set at $250,000. This race takes place annually.
  • Black-eyed Susan – this race takes place annually. The race was originally named the Pimlico Oaks. This race serves as a middle leg for the Filly Triple Crown.

Betting at the Race Course

Bettors in Canada are going to get their money’s worth when betting on the various events that take place at the Pimlico Race Course. There are different ways to place bets at the Pimlico Race Course.

  • Exotic wagers
  • Straight wagers
  • Multi-Race bets

All of these betting options are available on various sports betting sites. Under the betting options listed, there are other various betting choices that a punter has at their disposal. This makes the betting experience at the Pimlico race track that much more exciting.

Pimlico Race Track CA

Pimlico Race Course History

As we had previously stated the course was opened in 1870. To date, it’s been around for over 148 years. The iconic race course was spearheaded by General John Ellicott. Pimlico race track was named the town in which it is in which was name after a tavern in London. Upon arriving from London in the 1660s English settlers named the Baltimore town known today.

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