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Saratoga Betting GuideThe Saratoga is among some of the oldest sporting venues in the United States. The Saratoga race was opened in 1863 and has remained open for over 150 years. It is located in its namesake, Saratoga Springs in New York. Horse racing enthusiasts based in Canada can place wagers on the events that take place at the iconic racetrack. All you have to do is sign up with some of the betting sites that are listed below.

Saratoga racecourse events cater to horse racing betting fanatics with the vast betting options that are available at the race track. In this guide, we will look into the various events that take place at the track. We will also look at a list of reputable betting sites that you can sign up with to place your wagers. Another aspect we will look into is the available betting options. Once you have read this guide you’ll be comfortable enough to navigate through the Saratoga racetrack.

Saratoga Race Course Betting Sites

There are several online sportsbooks as well as other sports betting sites that offer to bet on the horse racing events that take place at the Saratoga. To assist you with the search we have listed a few reputable sports betting websites that you can sign up with to get started with betting on the horses.

8 Top CA Sportsbooks Online

What You’ll Find in this Guide:

Events at the Race Course

  • The Travers Stakes – This race is often referred to as the Midsummer Derby. The event was first hosted in 1864, a year after the Saratoga race course was opened.
  • Whitney Handicap – the fancy prize money of this race it the main attraction. It has a purse standing at $1.25 million. The race first took place in 1928.
  • Woodward Stakes – this horse racing event takes place every year at the Saratoga racetrack. It takes place on the Saturday that is before Labour Day. The prize money for this event stands at $700 000.
  • Alabama Stakes – the race caters to three-year-old female horses, commonly termed, fillies. The race first took place at the Saratoga racetrack in 1872. The purse of the event stands $600,000.

Betting at the Saratoga

Every bettor needs to formulate a strategy prior to placing a bet on any race that may be. Now, we will look at the various tips lined up for punters looking to make some decent money.

  • Do your homework – know more about the race and the horse you want to bet on.
  • Pick the best sports betting site – shop around for the best possible odds because these determine how much money is coming your way should you win.
  • Know your betting options – in horse racing, there are several betting types that are available for punters. Once you know these it will be easier to put them into practice.
  • Stay informed – what we mean here is know how your favourites performed in every race. The only way to do this is by watching the races more consistently.
  • Every bettor needs to have a bankroll – once you have a set budget it will be easier to determine which races are worth your bet and which races aren’t.

Types of Bets you can place at the Saratoga Course

Straight Wagers

  • Show: In this case, bettors select the horse they think will either come first, second or third.
  • Place: A bettor, in this case, picks a horse that will come either first or second.
  • Win: this is a simple bet. A punter simply picks a horse that will win the race.

Exotic Bets

  • Trifecta: a trifecta bet where a punter picks the first, second and third place horses in the exact order.
  • Superfecta: A Superfecta bet is when a bettor places a bet on which horse will come in first, second, third and fourth place in that exact order.
  • Exacta: with this bet, a punter would have to pick the first and second place horses in that exact order.

Saratoga Canada Betting Guide

Betting on events that take place at the Saratoga is fairly easy. To make it easier for punters our recommendation is that you sign up with the sites we’ve recommended. You will get more value for your money because of all the bonuses and promotions that are on offer.

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