Liverpool vs. Leicester City: Match Preview

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Liverpool vs. Leicester City: Match Preview

Canadian punters looking to place bets on the Liverpool vs. Leicester City match this Saturday can rest assured that we have them covered. We will have a look at some of the betting lines that seem to be popular among punters. Whilst we’re at it, we will also look at the odds for each match.

Liverpool and Leicester City are going into this match strong as they made impressive starts to the EPL season. Liverpool is currently leading with points at the top of the table with Leicester City is sitting comfortably at third on the league table.


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If we consider the statistics, Liverpool is proving to be an obstacle course for any team playing against it. However, Leicester is not far off.

Below, we’ve compiled odds for you that we sourced at

Liverpool             Moneyline: -213               Spread: -1.25 (-101)        Over: 3 (+100)

Leicester              Moneyline: +600              Spread: +1.25 (-119)       Under: 3 (-120)

Have a look at the video we have sourced for you below for more information on the match. To all our punters; remember to bet smart!

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