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MLB Betting CAThe MLB has over 162-games in a season played by 30 teams; Major League Baseball, MLB for short, is packed with plenty of sports betting action for punters. The league is split into two parts. Firstly there is the regular season and secondly, there are the playoffs. With all of this action wrapped into one league, punters will have plenty of opportunities to execute profitable bets. For Canadian punters looking to place bets on the MLB, there are plenty of betting sites that can be used.

When betting on the MLB there are plenty of factors that punters need to consider. For example, you want to know where your favourite team is ranking on the MLB standings. Also, you will want to know the MLB roster for the season so you can prep for the games you are most excited for. In this guide, we will show you the various top Canadian online sportsbooks that you can use for your MLB bets. We will also show you the various betting options that exist in this league that you can make use of.

Best MLB Betting Sites

Finding the best MLB Betting site is Canada is exceptionally easy. All you have to do is peruse through the list of betting sites that we have provided below. Our expert bettors have taken the liberty of looking for sportsbooks that come highly recommended for your enjoyment. Also, there are plenty of benefits you stand to enjoy when you sign up to any of these sites. Firstly, you stand to get plenty of bonuses and promotions when you sign up today. Secondly, it is fairly convenient to use as you can bet on baseball, or to be more specific, the MLB from any compatible device without leaving the house. it is also a great way to keep up with MLB scores throughout the season.

8 Top CA Sportsbooks Online

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Popular Betting Options

  • Run line – this betting line is similar to the point spread or the puck line bet. The line is set in stone at 1.5 and it does not change. If you bet on the favourite team to win, they have to do so by at least 1.5 points, not just a win. If you bet on the underdogs to lose they have to lose by more than 1.5 points, not less.
  • Moneyline – in this case, you are placing the most popular bet in the MLB and sports betting in general. It is the easiest bet to place. You are required to bet on the team that you think will win.
  • Series Bets – these wagers are placed during the postseason. Sportsbooks will give bettors the opportunity to bet on a team that you think will the series.
  • Futures Bets – in this case, you are required to bet on a future event in the season. For example, which team do you think will make it to the playoffs, or which team you think will win the MLB World Series championship. The trick with this bet is that sportsbooks only offer it at the beginning of the season. After that, your bet stays locked up for the rest of the season.
  • Total Bets – this betting option is a fairly easy one to understand. The sportsbook of your choice will come up with a number as the assumed total points of the game. You are then expected to bet on whether you think the actual number will be over or under the number in the sportsbook. The total bet is also known as the over/under option.

MLB Betting Canada

MLB Betting Tips

Now, before you place a bet on any team in the MLB it is important to formulate a winning strategy. In this part of our guide, we will give you some betting tips to implement when wagering on the MLB.

  • Don’t immediately disregard the underdog team.
  • Take note of the MLB standings when you bet.
  • Conduct research on the team that you are interested in. For example, check how many times that team has been in the MLB playoffs.
  • Sign up with a reputable betting site that will offer you bonuses and promotions.
  • Keep track of players’ performance on the field and their form.
  • Stay updated on all information regarding the team.

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