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Best Arizona Cardinals Guide for CA Punters

Best Arizona Cardinals Guide CanadaArizona Cardinals are a professional football team that competes in the National Football League. The team is based in Phoenix. The Cardinals are the oldest professional football team in America. Arizona Cardinals were founded in 1898; to date, the team has been around for over 120 years. The team originates from Chicago. The Cardinals only settled in Arizona before the 1988 NFL season. All their home games are played at the State Farm Stadium.

Arizona Cardinals form part of the south division of the National Football Conference, NFC, which is under the NFL. Though they have a rich team in American football history the Cardinals have never won a Super Bowl. In this guide, we will look at the various betting options that exist that Canadian punters can make use of. We will also look at some of the sports betting sites that punters should consider signing up with. These are a great way to enjoy online sports betting without the hassle of using retailers. Below, we have listed highly recommended betting sites that Arizona Cardinals can make use of.

Best Betting Sites for Arizona Cardinal Games

When betting on the Arizona Cardinals, or any other NFL team, we recommend you do it at a betting site. For first-time internet bettors, it can be intimidating looking for betting sites that are safe and reliable. So, for your convenience, we have listed highly reputable sites that you should consider signing up with. There are promotions and bonuses that punters can enjoy upon signing up.



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Available Wagering Options

There are plenty of wagering options that exist for all the Arizona Cardinals games in the NFC and beyond. In this section of the guide, we will look into the most popular betting options. Each of these can be quite profitable if you put some thought into each.

  • NFL Futures – this betting option is suitable for players who believe they can predict the ultimate winners of the Super Bowl. Or, you can predict which teams will participate in the playoffs. In other words, this betting option requires that bettors put wagers on sports events set to happen in the future.
  • Props – also known as proposition bets. This betting option requires that players place wagers on certain things happening during a match. These are controlled by the sportsbooks. Punters can bet on anything and everything. For example, you can place a bet on which player will make the first touchdown of the game, or how many rushing yards a player will make during a game. When done right they can be quite profitable.
  • Moneyline – these are the simplest of all wagers. Bettors, in this case, are to place bets on which team will win a setup. So, if the Cardinals were to face off with the Patriots, you would be required to predict the outcome of the match by guessing which team will win the match.
  • Over/Under – this betting option is also known as a Totals bet. The sportsbook sets a number as the presumed total points of an upcoming match. Punters are expected to state whether they think the actual total points of the game will be over or under the number set by the sportsbook.
  • Parlay – this wagering option is great because it allows bettors to place multiple wagers on one game using one ticket. It can be a very profitable bet should the outcome favour you. However, if you lose one bet then the whole ticket is lost.
Arizona Cardinals Guide

Betting Tips for All the Arizona Cardinals Games

Though the team hasn’t won a single Super Bowl this does not mean they are not competitive. In their long-standing history, they’ve managed to win 7 divisional championships. if you are looking to bet on the Cardinals it would only make sense that you formulate a strategy. In this section of the guide, we will give you a few tips to help you get started.

  • Read up on the team and know the history of the team – this way you’ll determine whether the team is worth your support.
  • Watch as many games as you can of the team – in order to properly analyze the quality of each player, you’ll need to watch the games. Figure what the strong points are and the weaknesses.
  • Protect your Bankroll – the NFL season is quite long, therefore, it is important to stretch your budget.

By implementing these few tips you will be able to formulate a foolproof strategy. Betting on the Arizona Cardinals can be an easy task for our Canadian bettors with the use of the above-listed sportsbook. Sign up today to get started!

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