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Indianapolis Colts Betting Guide

Indianapolis Colts CAThe Indianapolis Colts are a professional American football team. The football team is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The club was founded in the year 1953 in Baltimore. Colts have plenty of championships under their belt. Their home games are played at the Lucas Oil Stadium. If you are a fan of the Colts looking to place wagers on their games then you’ve landed on the right page. They are known to have won the Super Bowl twice, in 1971 and in 2007.

Indianapolis Colts are one of the four teams that fall under the South Division of the American Football Conference, AFC. The team is also one of 32 teams that are under the National Football League, NFL. Canadian fans can place bets on the Indianapolis Colts games with ease through online sportsbooks. In this guide, we will list each of these sportsbooks. We will also provide you with betting options for the Indianapolis Colts games.

Best Sportsbooks for Betting on Indianapolis Colts Games

For Canadian punters who want to place wagers on the Indianapolis Colts, there are several online sportsbooks that are available online. For your convenience, we have listed some of the top-rated sports betting sites that you should consider signing up with. These are convenient because they allow the punter to place wagers on their favourite teams’ games easily, anytime and anywhere.



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Min Deposit $20

C$300 Bonus 99% Payout - Rating: 4.8/5

C$20 Bonus

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Min Deposit $10

C$20 Bonus 98% Payout - Rating: 4.6/5

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What You’ll Find in this Guide:

Betting Options

There are plenty of wagering options that bettors can implement when placing bets on the Indianapolis Colts games. In this section, we will list them and explain them briefly.

  • Moneyline – this is the most common betting option in the NFL. This simply requires that bettors place a bet on a team that they assume will win.
  • Over/Under – In this case, the bookmakers set a number that they expect will be the combined total score of the game. You are required to bet on whether you think the combined total of the game will be over or under that set by the bookmaker.
  • Prop Bets – these are fun and exciting. They allow the bettor to be creative while enjoying their favourite pastime. Prop bets or Propositions bets are not dependent on the final outcome of the game. For example, you can bet that Indianapolis Colts will score the first touchdown in a match set up. If they do then your bet is won regardless of the outcome.
  • NFL Futures – this wagering option requires patience. A bet is placed on an event that is set to happen in the distant future. An example of the most common futures bet in the NFL is placing a wager on who the Super Bowl champions might be. The trick with this bet is to place it at the beginning of the season.
Indianapolis Colts Betting CA

Tips for Betting on the Indianapolis Colts

  • Know the Indianapolis Colts’ history.
  • Stay updated on all information and news pertaining to the colts.
  • Know the current NFL standings and where the Colts rank.
  • Watch as many games as you can.
  • Sign up with a sportsbook offering competitive odds.
  • Use the promotions and bonuses offered in the sportsbooks only after reading the T’s & C’s.

Punters in Canada looking to place bets on the Indianapolis Colts games need to make sure that they are following the appropriate steps. Always conduct proper research to make sure that the team you are looking to bet on is worth your bet.

If you think you are ready to start placing bets on any of the NFL games then consider signing up with any of the sportsbooks that are available.

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