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Best NFL Super Bowl Bets Canada

Super Bowl 54 Betting Guide CANFL Super Bowl Bets are the most sought after betting period by football fans and people that know nothing about the sport as well. The super bowl attracts thousands of supporters to the stadium annually. It also attracts millions of fans via broadcasts. With plenty of things to bet on with regards to the Super Bowl, it makes sense why everyone suddenly becomes a bettor. Punters in Canada can also participate in the betting frenzy.

NFL Super Bowl Bets are offered in every reputable sportsbook that exists. In this guideline we will look into the kinds of sportsbooks in Canada you should out for super bowl bets. I will also share some tips as to how you can maximize your potential income. The betting options in the super bowl have extended into the thousands. This is because of the growth in the popularity of prop bets. I will share the various types of bets you can place as well, so you maximize your potential income.

In this year’s version of the ultimate NFL championship game, the San Francisco 49ers will go head to head with the Kansas City Chiefs. The 54th edition of the Super Bowl takes place Sunday, 2nd February 2020. It will be taking place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. In this quick guide, we will take you through the latest NFL Super Bowl odds. We will also show you where to bet on the big game. There are plenty of betting options to consider as well.

Top NFL Betting Sites in Canada

There are plenty of reputable Canadian sportsbooks that offer NFL SB bets. For your convenience, we have listed sports betting sites that we recommend. This is because of their easy-to-use features. Have a look at the compiled list below.



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Latest Odds for the 54th edition of the NFL Super Bowl

Below, we have the latest odds for this Sunday’s matchup sourced from Spin Sports.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City ChiefsSpreadMoneylineOver/Under
San Francisco 49ers+1 1.972.05O 54.5 1.93
Kansas City Chiefs-1 1.851.80U 54.5 1.88

Here are the latest match betting odds from BetWay;

Kansas City ChiefsDrawSan Francisco 49ers

Betting types for the Super Bowl

First things first, conduct as much research as possible. Make sure your betting options are clear and you understand them with absolute ease.   Among many other options are betting on the point spread, the overall outcome of the match. You can even bet on the National Anthem. Have a look at the below betting options you have and make good use of them.

  • Point spread – betting on the point spread is considerably easy. A bettor would look at the points that each team has to win by. For example, The New York Giants have a favorite point score of 8 they would have to win by 8 points or more in order to cover the spread.
  • Prop Bets – this is also known as proposition bets. This where bettors have the most fun. You can bet on anything from how long the national anthem will be to how many touchdowns you anticipate in the game. You can also bet of the halftime show by Jennifer Lopez as well as Shakira.
  • Totals – this bet can also be referred to as the Over/Under. The oddsmakers will predict the final score of the match. As a bettor, you will then have three options. You can choose to agree, assume the score will be over the estimated number or under the estimated number.
  • Moneyline bet – this wager is also referred to as a straight-up bet by most sportsbooks. A bettor would have to place a bet on who they think will win the Super Bowl.
  • Futures Bet – this is when a bettor would place a bet on the next Super Bowl game. Punters place wagers on who they think will be the Super Bowl champions next. Yes, it’s a real thing.
Super Bowl LIV

Bet on the Super Bowl

I have taken you through the sportsbooks available for Canadian punters and illustrated the types of bets you can make use of. Now, the ball is now in your field. Betting on the Super bowl is easy and making money from it is a strong possibility. Just sign up with any of our recommended betting sites and get started, you’ll also earn some bonuses and promotions. Sign up today!

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