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Best Montreal Canadiens Betting Guide

Montreal Canadiens GuideBased in Montreal, Quebec, The Montreal Canadiens is a hockey team that competes professionally in the National Hockey League, NHL. The team currently forms part of the Eastern Conference of the league, under the Atlantic division. The Montreal Canadiens have a long history in the world of Hockey. They have been around since 1909, making them the oldest functional hockey team in the world. The Canadiens have been in existence since before the existence of the NHL.

The Montreal Canadiens are a formidable team in the NHL with over 20 Stanley Cup wins to their name. if you are looking to place wagers on this team then we will help you get started. In this guide, we will focus on helping you find the best Canadian sports betting website. Sportsbooks have made wagering on sports so much easier for punters who live their lives on the go. Also in our guide, we will list the most popular and most profitable betting options that exist in the NHL.

Best Betting Sites for Montreal Canadiens Games

There are plenty of Canadian Sportsbooks that can be used for the Montreal Canadiens games as well as other NHL games. If you are looking for a reliable sports betting site you can find one in the list below. We’ve taken the liberty of searching for reputable sites that come highly recommended by fellow punters and the sportsbooks listed below are worth considering. What’s great about these sites is that they offer wagering bonuses and promotions as well as competitive odds.



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Min Deposit $20

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Min Deposit $10

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Available Wagering Options for Montreal Canadiens Games

Canadian punters have plenty of betting options to implement in all the NHL games. In this section of our guide, we will look at a few of the most popular as well as the most profitable options that fans of the Montreal Canadiens can implement on all their sites.

  • Puck Lines – the purpose of this betting option is to level the field between the favourite and the underdog. The puck line is set in stone at 1.5 for every game. The favourite is indicated using -1.5 and the underdog is given a +1.5. If you place a winning bet on the favourite team then it must win by 1.5 points or an average of 2 goals in order for your bet to payout. If you bet on the underdogs to lose the game then they must lose by 1.5 points or 2 goals.
  • Totals – also commonly referred to as the over/under betting line this wagering option is set up by the bookmakers. In this case, the sportsbooks set a number as the predicted total points of the game. You are then expected to state whether you think the overall points of the game will be over or under the number indicated by the sportsbook.
  • Grand Salami – with this wagering option the totals bets that we previously covered come into play, but on a bigger scale. It covers the over/under bets on all the NHL games taking place on the same day.
  • NHL Futures – this is a simple yet profitable betting line. In this case, you are betting on the potential winners of the Stanley Cup. Or, you predict which teams will be in the playoffs. There are a few things to bear in mind with this betting option. Firstly, the bet should be placed at the beginning of the season. Secondly, it is tied up for months, right up until the end of the season and therefore cannot be changed. It is important to carefully consider your options before placing this bet.

Montreal Canadiens Track Record

The Montreal Canadiens have an excellent track record in the NHL. If you are looking for reasons to bet on this formidable team, we will list just a few below.

  • They have the most Stanley Cup wins amounting to 24, with their last win recorded in 1993.
  • The Canadiens have also appeared in the Playoffs 34 times.
  • This team has also won the O’Brien Trophy a total number of 8 times since their inception.
  • Prince of Wales Trophy was won by the Montreal Canadiens a total of 25 times.
Best Montreal Canadiens Guide

Betting Tips for the Canadiens’ Games

Before you place a bet on the Montreal Canadiens it is important that you formulate a foolproof strategy. This is so that you ensure that all your bets have the potential to be profitable. In this section of our guide, we will highlight a few tips to consider prior to placing your wagers.

  • Look at the history of the team.
  • Research the player’s track records.
  • Look at the current NHL Standings to see where the team is ranked.
  • Take into account the players’ forms in recent games.
  • Sign up with a reputable sportsbook that’ll give you competitive odds.
  • Read the wagering requirements before you use the promotions and bonuses offered by the sportsbook.
  • Watch as many of the team’s games as possible.
  • Keep up with all the information and news pertaining to the team.

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