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betting underdogsBetting on Home Underdogs, simply put, is betting on underdogs who are playing on their home ground. Underdogs are teams that are expected to experience a loss in a match. In any sports, home ground advantage is a real thing, one of the most important factors that bettors consider before placing a wager.

Betting on the favourite is common in this type of bet because they’re winning odds are higher than the underdog going into the game.  This type of bet is not exclusive to one sport; however, it is more commonly sought after in the National Football League, NFL. Bettors from Canada are not restricted from placing Bets on home underdogs. There are other sports that have the Betting Home Underdogs option such as basketball and soccer. In this sports betting guide, we will look at some of the benefits attached to this betting option. We will also give you some tips to help you formulate a betting strategy.

Sportsbooks for Betting on Home Underdogs

There are plenty of reputable Canadian sportsbooks that offer Bets on Home Underdogs. Of the many sportsbooks available out there, these are the most preferred due to their long-standing reputations.

8 Top CA Sportsbooks Online

What You’ll Find in this Guide:

Benefits of Betting Home underdogs

The benefits of betting home underdogs are plenty and attractive.

  • The potential pay-out form betting on underdogs is greater than if you bet on
  • Playing with the underdogs on their home ground means going into the game where the underdogs will be more comfortable.
  • Travelling does tire a person out. The underdogs will probably be well rested as opposed to the favourite team.
  • Playing on home ground means more fans from the team will be visible on the ground, giving a boost in morale to the home underdogs.

Tips for Betting on the Underdogs

For this type of bet using the moneyline options works best. In other words, bet on sports where only a few possible outcomes exist; a win, a draw and/or a loss.

  • Before placing a bet on any sports event it is important that you do your research. Look back at the underdog team’s performance in previous games as well as the player’s form.
  • Become a quick thinker. Options for betting in this bet type tend to close very quickly, so while making your decision, ensure that you consider research beforehand and decide quickly.
  • Bettors often look for live-betting options when it comes to underdog betting as it assists in ensuring that a bettor can either minimize their loss or maximize their profit.

Betting on Home Underdogs NFL

As previously mentioned the NFL identifies best with Betting Home Underdogs, or Pups as they are referred to In the NFL. More NFL bettors than punters in any other sports make use of Home Underdog Betting option. Underdogs are quite common in the NFL season. History of the NFL states depicts a favourable outcome on betting on the home underdogs.

home underdogs betting guide Canada

Overall sentiments

Most expert bettors always caution new bettors to stay away from betting on the underdogs. They claim that the risk is higher because you stand to lose a big sum of money. However, this is gambling. Betting on anything is a high risk, often coupled with a high reward. Betting on the Underdog is essentially exactly the same. Once the research is done accordingly then placing a bet should be the easy part of the process, especially considering the fact that you can minimize your loss, or cash in on your wins while the game goes on.

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