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online puck line betting canadaA Puck Line Bet is commonly associated with the National Hockey League, NHL for short. In fact, the puck line bet was created solely for hockey. The name ‘Puck’ is the object that is used in hockey to score against the opposite team. The simplest definition of this kind of bet is when the sportsbooks give points to the underdog in order to give it a chance against the favourite, only for the purpose of betting.

The puck line is not set in stone; it is often adjusted according to how strong the favourite is or how weak the underdog is. Puck line betting is commonly associated with spread betting in the NFL. Puck line betting is among the most popular forms of betting among Canadian bettors. Some experienced bettors consider puck line betting the next best alternative to moneyline wagers. Canadian sportsbooks are quick when it comes to odds for this bet because it’s the most sought after hockey bet.

Puck Line Bets in Sportsbooks

Puck line bets can be found in any good reputable sportsbook in the Canadian market. The options are plenty giving Canadian bettors the chance to choose sports betting sites that suits their preferences perfectly. Below are a few of the top-notch sites that the Canada market can trust with their loonies.

8 Top CA Sportsbooks Online

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Puck Line Betting Explained

As previously stated, the purpose of a puck line bet is to ensure that a fair chance is given to the underdog. The favourite team is often indicated with a minus score, for example (-1) and the underdog will be given a (+2) favourable score. In order for a bettor to win if he punted against the underdogs, the favourites must win by +2 goals and more. If a bettor placed a losing wager against the underdog then they would need to lose by more than 1 goal.

Puck Line Bets vs. Money Line Bets

These two sports betting options are constantly pitted against each other so it would be of help to know the difference and which of the two is most preferred. A money line bet is dependent on which of the teams playing against each other will win the game. A puck line bet is dependent on more than the final score. Reading a sports betting guide should further assist with understanding these options.

Puck line bet

Strategy For Betting

Any bettor knows that placing a puck line bet with no sort of strategy is a waste of money. More often than not betting for a home team versus the team that travelled is a smart choice because the home team is well rested. However, a bit of research of both teams; their recent performance and players’ forms prior to the game should also form part of the strategy. Figuring out when to place a puck line bet should also form part of your strategy.  If it is clear that the underdog is not worthy and that the stronger team is the clear favourite then that’s the best time to place a puck line bet.


If you mix research with smart money choices and excellent and efficient sportsbooks betting on puck lines could become a potential money maker for you. It’s always best to be wary of the underdogs as they can surprise you. Whichever team you go for at the end of the day, betting on puck lines is your best bet for a profitable outcome in hockey.

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