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Kaillie Humphries Ready to leave Canada Bobsleigh

Kaillie Humphries, Olympic bobsled champion, has proclaimed that she will not race for Canada while it is still under its current management.  She filed a court injunction against the Canadian organization this week, asking to be released by Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton. The intention behind this is that she wants to compete for the US. Chris Le Bihan, BCS high-performance director, has stated that he wants Humphries back on the team. However, the Olympic champion is not convinced.

Kaillie Humphries filed a million-dollar lawsuit against BCS recently over claims that the organization mishandled a complaint of harassment which she filed last year. Her claims have not yet been proven in a court. BCS, the organization she is suing, has not legally responded to the lawsuit. In 2010 and 2014 Humphries made history alongside Heather Moyse when they became the first participants to repeat as Olympic Women’s bobsled champions.

Kaillie Humphries Canada

Kaillie Humphries Ready to Play for the US

Kaillie Humphries has said that she needs a letter of release from BCS by September 30th coupled with a letter of acceptance from USA Bobsled. This is possible as it is stipulated under the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation criteria.

According to the IBSF, A player can change countries if they have changed their citizenship, official residence or have been released by a member and have been accepted by another’. This is not a difficult task for Humphries to achieve as she married an American citizen over the weekend. This has permitted her to formerly moved to the states.

Humphries has also been invited by USA Bobsled to start trials; however, she cannot take part in the trials without an official release from BSC.

BCS is yet to comment on the lawsuit or Humphries’ appeal to be released. A spokesperson for the organization simply stated that the high-performance director, Chris, made the organizations stance on the matter clear on Tuesday when Humphries’ request for an injunction was shot down by a judge.

Comments from BCS

Le Bihan, while at the courthouse, was quoted as saying, “We believe we have a safe and a high-performing training environment for all athletes”. He further stated that they wanted Kaillie Humphries to be a part of the BCS program.

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