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Best NHL Betting Guide Canada

nhl betting explained

NHL Betting is exceptionally popular among bettors from Canada as well as the United States. The National Hockey League is a league that comprises of 31 teams in hailing from both Canada and the US. To place wagers on the NHL it is important that you familiarise yourself with the relevant hockey betting lines, and that you understand the general structure of the league. That is why we have put this quick NHL hockey betting guide where you can learn about NHL lines and ways to improve your NHL odds.

Before we explore all aspects of the NHL, we‘ll start by looking at the Canadian sports betting sites that you should consider signing up with.  The NHL is separated into two conferences; namely the Western and Eastern conferences. Each of these conferences has two divisions under them. These teams battle it out in hopes of attaining the formidable Stanley Cup. To learn more about the National Hockey League and betting on the league then keep reading our guide.

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Understanding NHL Betting Lines

NHL lines are markets that sportsbooks which can apply to the overall winner for the start of the season. The NHL betting lines are presented in the American odds which are made for the match result.

Money Lines on Hockey Games

Money line bets are much easier to understand because they relate to the end result of an NHL hockey game results. The results can be in three possible outcomes for either side which are a win, loss or draw. There are very few sportsbooks that have NHL money lines for the draw outcome but have lines for the others. As a bettor, you choose which side you want to bet on and which outcome they will be on.

Hockey Spreads

This bet works better for the other kinds of sports because of the high scoring possibilities. In hockey has low goal scoring and therefore NHL hockey spreads might not be a worthwhile bet. Instead of this better, it is better to place a money line wager.

Puck Lines Hockey Odds

When you decide to make puck lines hockey bet, you either bet that your team will win or lose by a certain number of points. You can also choose to bet whether your team will win outright even though the payout will not as high as compared to the other options.


Like in any other future sports betting, in ice hockey, you can be able to bet on the future outcome of a certain match of a tournament such as the Stanley Cup. In the case of the Stanley Cup, you will be betting on who will be the next winner of this sought-after cup.

Total Hockey Lines

These bets are made for the total score that both teams playing against each other will score in one game. Bookmakers will set a total number of score and bettors will have to bet whether the end score will be over or under the one the sportsbook presented. Lines for this kind of bet starts at 2.5 while some sports betting site will start them at 8.5. What’s more, some bookies will offer lines for total goals for one team.

NHL Games Online Grand Salami

This kind of bets are similar to the totals bet; however, the difference is in that the bookies will offer totals for matches that happen on the same day.

nhl betting odds

NHL Betting Tips

As simple as it may seem to place NHL betting lines there are advanced hockey betting tips that you can always use as a guide every time you want to place your NHL hockey bets.

  • Line Shopping – To get the best possible odds, compare them at various kinds of NHL betting sites in Canada. Hence, we always advise to have an account with more than one sportsbook so, you can compare amongst the ones that you are registered with chose the best.
  • Opt for Live Betting – Most bookmakers offer options to make in-play bets for hockey games online. You will be betting while the game is live and it will be based on how the team are performing. This can be exciting.
  • Check home and road games – Most teams play well when they are on home turf because they are familiar with the surroundings and this can affect the outcome of the game. However, this does not mean that the team has an advantage because of how the team will decide to play the game.
  • Consider other kinds of markets – the different types of bets that we have listed above are the popular ones. However, there are other kinds of bets and markets such as the team totals.
  • Be aware of NHL hockey games schedule – In total ice hockey has 82 games in a season. In this extended season, teams can perform at peak at different times of the season and other times not on peak. This can affect how teams play different games.
  • Check Statistics – There are always statistics on current, previous and future hockey games out there and they are there to help you make informed decisions. Always read up on the NHL news.

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