Manchester United vs Chelsea English Premiere League Game Preview

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Manchester United vs Chelsea English Premiere League Game Preview

Manchester United will visit the Stamford Bridge Stadium in London as they prepare to play against Chelsea in a highly anticipated EPL matchup. Manchester United has had a tough run this season of the English Premier League, with the team lacking formidable strikers. According to EPL standings, they are currently in 9th position, having only won 1 out of their last 5 matches.

Chelsea is currently in 4th position on the EPL standings. Much like their counterparts, Manchester United, they have only won 1 match in their last 5 appearances. The better of the two teams has proven to be Man United, winning 4-0 in their last game against Chelsea. However, looking at the standings, Chelsea is on a better footing.

Canadian bettors can place bets on this EPL matchup with ease by making use of any of the below-listed betting sites. In Our quick preview of the matchup, we’ll give you the latest match-betting odds provided by Spin Sports.

Manchester United vs Chelsea Betting Sites

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Odds, Match Details & Predictions

Below, we’ve compiled the latest match odds for the Manchester United vs Chelsea EPL game taking place this evening. Prior to betting, have a look at the odds below and determine which team is valued most by oddsmakers.

Manchester United vs Chelsea1×2 Full timeMoneylineDraw No Bet
Manchester United4.153.801.43


We predict that Chelsea will walk away as the potential winners of this matchup based on their current log standings in the EPL. In terms of numbers, they are the stronger team.

Date: 17th February 2020, Monday

Time: 16h00 ET

Venue: Stamford Bridge, London, England

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