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Hockey Betting Online in Canada

hockey betting explainedHockey Betting Online has a variety of online sports betting platforms, and it is always tricky to find one that best suits your preferences. Canadian sports betting sites commonly referred to as sportsbooks, are informative and can serve as an excellent guide when you are ready to place a bet on the sport.  Online Hockey Betting Online is very popular in Canada and around the world and with this guide, you could also be part of the action. Just as in any other sports you can place a wager on different leagues within hockey.

Once you know and understand the sport it becomes a very profitable pastime for you as a Canadian bettor, especially considering how popular the sport is in Canada. There are plenty of sports betting sites that punters can make use of when placing wagers on this sport. We will list all of them below. Hockey betting odds can be easily located in all the sports betting sites that we’ve listed below. They also regularly update hockey scores for punters who prefer to bet through the live betting option. Hockey Canada betting enjoyable thanks to the action-packed NHL season.

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Hockey Betting for Beginners

Hockey Betting in Canada requires that you find a reputable sportsbook. You will begin your quest to look for a sports betting site you can trust.  Once you feel you have found the one you will need to sign up and join the site as an official gambler. Banking options will appear as well as promotions and bonuses. The most common methods of making a payment are through Visa, MasterCard, and Bitcoin.

Ice Hockey in Canada

Ice hockey could possibly be Canada’s biggest export in the world of sports and entertainment. it serves as the country’s official winter sport and has quite a lot of support from punters and general fans in Canada and the US.  Ice hockey and field hockey differ in a few select ways which we will list for you below.

  • field hockey uses a ball and ice hockey makes use of a puck.
  • fewer team members are required in ice-hockey as oppose to field hockey.

Hockey Betting Lines

There are plenty of different bets you can place on one game of hockey, and this is where the little hockey knowledge that you might have will be needed. Sportsbooks online will offer different betting options, and this gives you flexibility regarding the choice of a bet.

The types of bets you can place are as follows

  • Moneyline Bet – this is dependent on betting on the underdog versus the favorite. This has a bigger reward because the risk is more significant. This type of bet is selecting which team will win the game. This is the most popular bet in hockey.
  • Totals – When making a wager for the total goals scored in the game you will be deciding if the oddsmakers were wrong or right. In other words, will the goals scored in the game be over the numbers selected by the oddsmakers or under?
  • Puck line – A point spread system that balances out the scale. The odds are usually +1.5/-1.5. This type of bet is similar to the Moneyline Bet; however, the team selected will either need to win or lose by 1.5 goals.
  • Parlay – This is a bet that combines the Totals, Moneyline and Puck Line into one bet.
  • Prop Bets – Proposition betting, Props Bets for short, are bets that center on the team or player performances in the game. They are not concerned with the final score.

How to Place a Hockey Bet

Participating in Hockey online betting from Canada requires three crucial steps; once you have taken the first two steps, the rest should be easy.

  1. As previously stated looking for a trustworthy sportsbook is priority 1. Once you have found it, you open an account with them.
  2. Depositing the money would be step two. All sportsbooks have a list of banking methods they prefer; the most common would be Visa and MasterCard payments. You cannot move onto the next step in the process without having made a payment.
  3. This is where you will come across ‘betting lines’ or betting odds. You will see a list of these below, choosing the most preferred should be easy once you understand each option thoroughly.
Hockey betting Canada

Hockey Betting Tips

  • Once you understand the various types of bets and how to place a bet the next step would be to ensure that you have done enough research.
  • It is important that you take into account players’ forms, information such as strengths and weaknesses on your favorite team and their biggest opponent.
  • Always beware of the underdogs, more often than not they are capable of surprising you.

Hockey Betting

People often get intimidated by the stats table and oddly presented on sportsbooks, but if you have knowledge regarding Hockey, then online betting on Canadian sportsbooks should not be too problematic. Canadian Ice Hockey is among the most prominent sports that people bet on. If you give it a chance you could be among those making money from it.

Hockey betting FAQs

Can you bet on Hockey?

Yes. In fact, you can do so with so much ease. All the betting sites that we’ve listed above make provision for bettors to place bets on all hockey games and leagues.

How do I bet on hockey in Canada?

Hockey betting online in Canada has been made so easy for bettors in the Great White North. There are various betting options available such as the Moneyline, Puck Line, as well as the Over/Under, among many others. Betting sites have made this easy very easy for bettors.

What is a 3 way bet in Hockey?

You bet on a team to win, the other to lose as well as a tie. In this case, the bet excludes overtime in the game as well as a shootout.

What does a Puck line mean?

This is similar to what is referred to as point spread betting in other sporting codes. The puck line is specific to hockey and this is set in stone at 1.5. The favourite team is usually marked with a (-) and the underdog is marked with a (+). This sets the margin of victory for both teams.

Where can I bet on Hockey?

Punters can make use of the online sportsbooks that we’ve listed above as a betting platform for all hockey games. By having a look at each of the sportsbooks it will be easier to take of the one that best suits your preferences.

What does o/u mean?

This stands for the over/under betting line, also known as the Totals option. The betting option is created by the sportsbook. They’ll set a presumed number of goals in the game and the bettors are expected to guess whether the actual number of goals will be over or under the number in the sportsbook.

How many quarters are there in hockey?

Firstly, it is important to note that hockey is not played in quarters. Each game is divided into three periods; the first, second and third. Each period lasts for 20 minutes and a game includes two 15-minute long breaks.

What does OTL mean in Hockey?

The OTL abbreviation in hockey stands for OverTime Loss. If a game is tied at the end of the standard 60 minute game then each team will get a point. The team that walks away as the winners in OT will get an additional 2 points.

Which country invented hockey?

Ice hockey was invented in Canada and is still very popular in the region today.

What is PPP in Hockey?

The initially PPP in Hockey stand for Power Play Points.

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