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Online Football Betting Canada

Football bettingFootball is the most popular sport in North America. It’s for that reason that many of the sports fans tend to place a real money wager on some of the matches. For those who are interested in football betting but don’t know where to start, this guide is perfect for you. We have put together this online football betting guide to help you understand what it takes to place a wager on any of the football match-ups.

Once you get to know the basics of betting on this loved sport, it will be easier to place your real money wagers without feeling overwhelmed by everything involved. Our football online betting guide will help you understand betting odds in the sport, football betting lines and reputable betting sites to place your first wager.

Top Football Betting Sites for 2020

We have listed the best online football betting sites in Canada. When you sign up with any of them, you will get rewarded with the best bonuses, betting lines and odds for the top sports events.



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Understanding Football Betting Basics: How Football Betting Works

If you are a seasoned bettor, you already know about the basics of football betting how it works but want a refresher. Then, this guide will help you. If you are new to betting on this sport, this guide will help you better understand how to start and what you need to know.

If you are a fan of the football sport, you already know what happens in the games for you to have an idea of what kind of bet you will want to place online. However, before you even get that, there are a few steps that you need to take.

The steps include searching for an accredited, safe and regulated football betting site to place your wagers. We have listed some of the few that we have reviewed above for your convenience. Once you have identified a betting site for the sport, you will have to deposit money for your bets, and when they reflect in your account, then you can place your first. Even then you still need to know and understand the various bets available for you. We explain all of that in our below sections.

Football Betting Odds Explained

Football betting has a lot of markets that it covers and bookmakers will create odds for these markets. The odds tell you the chances of your bet winning and how much you will win if your bet is right. It is important also to note that the lower the odds, the higher the payout. Which means that the lower odds are usually given to high-risk bets which happen to be mostly on the underdogs of any match.

American Football Betting Lines

The betting markets at most of the top sports betting sites are for college and NFL football. So, the betting lines that are explained below are applicable for either of the football events including the AAF.

  • Football Spread Bets – This betting option is created by the sportsbooks to level the playing field for the teams in a matchup. More especially for the underdog when there is a clear favourite for the match.
  • Total Bets – This bet is for when you have an idea of the total score that both teams would have scored for the game. So, you will bet whether the score will be over or under the total the bookmakers create.
  • Football Moneyline Bets – You will place a money line bet when you know which team in the matchup will be the outright winner. These do not take into account the number of points they will win by.
  • Proposition Bets – This kind of betting line is more focused on the specifics of a matchup. These will include which team wins the coin toss, the yards the quarterback will throw the ball or even the rushing yards done by a running back.
  • Parlays and Teaser Bets – these bets are applicable when you want to group various bets such as the totals and money lines. However, for your bet to win and payout all the placed wagers have to win.
Football Betting Canada

Football Betting Tips

Many tipsters will share some of their tips that will help you make informed betting choices. We have put together the tips below for you to keep in mind when you make your next bet.

  • Shop for the best football betting lines and odds – online betting sites don’t create the same odds for the same match up. That is why it is always best to look for the sports betting site that has the best odds for the game you are interested in place a bet on.
  • Don’t let your bets be influenced by public betting and sports media – don’t always follow what the public is deciding on because they might not be choosing a team because it is doing well. Sports media outlets can offer you an idea of what the teams involved are capable of, but it does not mean you have to follow their advice.
  • Do teams and previous match up research – This will be what influences your decision to place a bet. You will have to do your research on teams involved in a matchup and see which one can come out on top out of the two.

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