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Best NCAAF Picks Guide CA

NCAAF Picks CANCAAF Picks are designed to give punters more information when betting against the spread. Canadian bettors can locate the NCAA Football picks from quite a few Canadian betting sites. There are two main picks involved in sports betting. As a college football fan, you’ll have to look out for computer picks as well as consensus picks. Computer picks are generated using stats whereas the consensus picks are generated using public bets for both teams in a single match up. We will explain these in detail in this guide.

NCAAF Picks are important when betting using the popular point spread betting option. In this guide, we will direct you to the best Canadian betting sites that offer constantly updated picks for every match in college football. We will also take you through the computer picks by providing a brief example. Another important aspect we will elaborate on is the consensus picks.

Top Canadian Betting Sites with up to date NCAAF Picks

NCAAF Picks are easy to find when you know where to look. In this section of our guide, we will look into the various sports betting sites that bettors in Canada can make use of. All of these betting sites come highly recommended for NCAAF bettors. We have sourced the net to bring you the only betting sites that count. Upon signing up, bettors can get plenty of promotions and bonuses with any of the recommended sports betting sites listed below.



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Computer Picks for College Football

When it comes to NCAAF Picks, we previously outlined that there are two different college football Picks, computer and consensus. In this part of our guide, we will look at the computer picks. So, these are advanced stats that take into account the NCAAF standings for the season, the competing team’s records as well as the wins and losses of the team. With all this information the computer dictates which team is more likely to win. The table below is merely a generic example of what an NCAAF Picks looks like.

Last 100To Win/MoneylineAgainst the Spread/ATSTotal O/U
$ Units (Opening)$500$200$120
$ Units (Closing)$327-$55$385
Record (Opening)51 – 46 –  462 – 32 – 344 – 42 – 14
Record (Closing)52 – 43 – 675 – 2546 – 39 – 15


Consensus NCAAF Picks

These are picks that are largely in the hand of the public, unlike computer picks. Consensus NCAAF Picks detail which way the public is betting. So, in this case, if you want to place an ‘Against the Public’ bet then this is where you keep your focus on. Many punters enjoy this bet in particular because it involves a bigger risk, and therefore a bigger reward.


NCAAF Picks are great because they assist the bettor by providing predictions that are calculated. If you don’t know which team is worth your money, it would make sense for you to look at the picks provided for each match.

Sign with any of the Canadian online sportsbooks that we have recommended to start placing NCAAF Bets today! Join for great deals and promotions.

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