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Best NBA Computer Picks Betting Guide Canada

Computer Picks NBA GuideNBA Computer Picks are in high demand as betters always want to ensure they make safe bets. There are NBA computer picks as well as consensus picks. We have compiled this NBA Picks guide to help our punters in Canada better understand the purpose of picks in sports betting. Wagering on the NBA is quite popular, and Canadian punters continue to bet on the games in their numbers. Sports picks are meant to assist bettors to make better decisions when betting using the spread betting option. NBA Computer picks are created from various statistics and cannot be influenced by humans. Consensus picks give you an idea of which way the public is betting in a match-up.

NBA computer picks are important for players looking to make the profitable point spread bets, or what is known as the Against the Spread betting line. If you are looking at the best betting sites with constantly updated picks on upcoming NBA matches, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we will take you through some of the Canadian sportsbooks that bettors can make use of when betting on their favorite teams.

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Free NBA Predictions

Free NBA computer picks are compiled from an array of NBA betting lines including, but not limited to Moneyline, Spread Bets, and Totals. It is important that fellow Canadian bettors note that sports picks are also referred to as predictions and vice versa.

Punters enjoy betting against the spread more than making use of any other betting line. This is because the NBA is considered to be among the easily predictable sporting codes in terms of game results. So, the bets tend to be very one-sided, making the spread bets profitable.

To get free NBA picks to make sure you check out our posts of games to bet on here at Our experts pay close attention to the odds provided by Canada sports betting sites before they can give any NBA computer picks for tonight.

Computer NBA Picks & Consensus Tables

To get a better understanding of what NBA computer picks look like on sports betting sites we will start by looking at computer picks’ computer table below.

At a quick glance, this is what punters can expect to see when they come across a computer picks table for the NBA.

Last 100To WinATSTotal O/U
$ Units (Opening)-$450$358-$482
$ Units (Closing)-$448(-129)-$150
Record (Opening)46 – 42 – 146 – 5247 – 47 – 5
Record (closing)46 – 42 – 148 – 53 – 451 – 38 – 10


Below, we will briefly explain what the table illustrates. Please note that the last 100 seen in the first column depicts the number of games the stats are based on.

  1. The ‘To Win’ column is represents the popular Moneyline or Straight Win bets.
  2. ATS indicates the value of the wagers placed against the spread.
  3. The total column stands for the over or under wagers that have been placed.
  4. $ Units of Opening/Closing column represents the profit or loss on the wager based on a $100 bet.

We’ll now look at the consensus picks that are compiled for an NBA Game. Public consensus Picks are compiled for bettors who wish to place against the spread. The picks are meant to demonstrate how many bets have been placed for a certain team. So, through the stats, you’ll see which team is backed most by the public. This is what a typical consensus picks table will look like for an NBA Match.

ATS ConsensusSpreadPriceO/U ConsensusPrice
Team 1          45%+7.5+120O/U


Team 2          55%-7.5-12022%-120
NBA Computer Picks Guide Canada

NBA Computer Picks and Parlays

NBA computer picks and Parlays go well together, and in this section of our guide, we’ll tell you why. When placing a bet on any NBA matchup, by now you should know the importance of checking out the latest picks at So, once you have picked that team that you assume will win the match based on NBA computer picks, you can multiply that bet, and potentially your winnings, through the use of parlays. A parlay betting line gives punters the allowance to place more than one kind of bet using just one betting which is favored because the payout is much higher. Therefore, picks that look at various betting lines such as the ‘against the spread’, ‘total’ and ‘Moneyline’ are favored by bettors because it gives them an overview of the betting options available for a parlay ticket.

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