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Computer NFL PicksNFL computer picks are also known as advanced stats. The reason computer picks were introduced has to do with human nature and how flawed it can be at times. For this reason, NFL computer picks have grown rapidly in popularity. More and more punters in Canada are trusting software-generated picks over public consensus picks. So, in this guide, we will introduce you to a betting term in the NFL known as betting against the spread. The reason we will look into this betting option more than any other is that computer-generated picks usually result in people using this bet.

NFL computer picks generated by a computer give you the results as they are not how you’d like them. For example, should the stats depict the Miami Dolphins as the potential loser of an upcoming game, then the computer will simply state that the Dolphins can expect a loss. In this guide, we will also recommend some of the leading Canada sports betting sites that some of our punters can make use of.

Top Betting Sites with NFL Computer Picks in Canada

8 Top CA Sportsbooks Online

Free NFL Computer Picks

The NFL is among the most popular sports leagues to bet on worldwide. Bettors and fans of the league will, interactively, bet on and support their favorite teams as well as noticeable players throughout the duration of the league. Thanks to the constant advancements in technology betting have been made pretty easy. Free picks come in form of various sports betting articles where sports enthusiasts will look at various factors such as NFL standings, average points, and players’ performance. From that, opinions will be made regarding the potential outcome of each match based on available betting lines; these are free sports picks & predictions.

NFL Computer Picks Against the Spread

Of all the betting lines made available in the NFL, there is one that stands out the most.  Against the spread (ATS) betting line is a betting option that resonates very deeply with every NFL fanatic, it is the most sought after option. When you decide to implement betting against the spread, you don’t just focus on the actual outcome of the game. Rather, you look at the winning margin, so a team would have to win by a certain number of points, or avoid losing by less than a certain number of points.

NFL Computer Picks

So, a typical NFL picks table will look like this:

Date of MatchATSTotal
Predicted Score8.2 – 23.531.7
Computer PickNO (-5)Under  44.5
Public ConsensusHOU (+5)Over 44.5
Consensus Bet62%51%


Now, we’ll briefly explain what the above table means.

  1. ATS represents the wagers placed against the spread.
  2. The total column represents Over/Under picks.
  3. Some tables have column marked ‘To Win’ representing the Moneyline bets.

NFL Computer Picks Canada

Consensus Picks

With consensus NFL picks the public opinion matters, unlike computer picks. So in this case, a bettor looks at which way the public seems to be going. If the public is betting for Team A more than Team B then that is the consensus of the public. In this case, a bettor can decide to either agree with the large portion that is betting for Team A or bet against the public by betting for Team B. The table below depicts a general overview of what a NFL Consensus Picks table will look like.

ATS ConsensusSpreadPriceO/U ConsensusPrice
Team A          45%+3+100O/U


Team B          55%+3-11049%-110


A General Overview of NFL Predictons

NFL Picks are important for spread betting, be it computer or consensus picks. At first, the tables might seem intimidating to look at. They are there to simply guide you in making the right and profitable NFL bets. By signing to the sportsbooks that we have recommended you’ll be opening yourself up to getting freshly updated stats for every NFL game.

FAQs for Computer NFL Picks

What does ATS Stand for in Football Betting?

ATS stands for Against the Spread, which is one of the many popular betting lines that exist in the NFL.

Who will win the 2020 Super Bowl?

This is what predictions help with. By looking at NFL computer picks you’ll be able to determine which team played best by looking at the numbers. Also, Consensus Picks will help with determining which team is favored most by the public.

How does a Point Spread work?

This is a betting line offered and usually controlled by a sportsbook. The teams would have to win by the point spread offered by the betting site. The favorite team is marked with a (-) while the underdog is marked with a (+). The aim is for both teams to cover the spread.

How do NFL Picks Work?

Both the computer NFL Picks as well as the consensus picks is used to determine which team is likely to win a match up. Computer picks are computer-generated numbers that gather information on the team’s current standings and statistics in the season. Consensus picks look at how the public is betting on a certain matchup.

Can Point Spread betting lines change?

Yes, they are subject to change, however, this occurrence is rare. The factors that determine a change in the point spread are player injuries and/or the number of bets for a team.

What happens when a point spread results in a tie?

This is referred to as a ‘push’ and it happens quite a lot. When it does occur, the betting platform you used to place your wager should refund you.

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