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UFC Betting Guide CanadaUFC, Ultimate Fighting Championship, is an organization that falls under the Mixed Martial Arts Umbrella. It was founded in 1993 and it continues to see growth. Punters in Canada can place wagers on UFC events with ease. This combat sport sees more growth with each year that comes. We’ve seen plenty of famous faces breaking barriers and putting UFC on top aligning with other famous sports such as boxing.

In the UFC there are several betting options that are available for punters. In this guide, we will go through these betting options and what they each mean, briefly. We will also take a look at the various leading Canadian sportsbooks that you can sign up with as a punter. These will make your life easier because they cater to online betting for Punters who live their lives on the go. We will also give you through a few tips to help you formulate a strategy to assist you with betting on the UFC.

Sportsbooks for UFC Betting

UFC Betting options are available on a wide variety of sportsbooks for all your online betting needs. These sites are great for punters because they are convenient. It is important that a bettor takes precaution and avoid being scammed online. For your convenience, below we will list recommended sportsbooks that you can sign up with as a Canadian punter.  These sites are reliable and offer great value for money. They do so through promotions and bonuses.

8 Top CA Sportsbooks Online

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UFC Betting Options

As we have previously stated there are quite a few betting lines that are available in UFC Betting. Below we will list a few of these and provide you with the definitions so you make the right decisions when placing wagers.

  • Moneyline – these betting lines are also referred to as Match Bets in the UFC. This bet is simple enough for bettors to understand. A wager is placed on the fighter that you expect will win the match.
  • Over/Under Round Bets – this a popular UFC bet. A punter is expected to place a wager as to when they think the fight will end.
  • Prop Bet – also commonly referred to as proposition bets. This betting type is commonly associated with events during a match. The most common prop bet in the UFC is a Method of Victory bet.

UFC Betting Tips

In order to place a potentially successful UFC bet one has to compile a strategy. To assist you with this we have compiled a list of tips that you can implement when formulating your strategy.

  • Basic knowledge of the combat sport will go a long way.
  • Stay updated on all the news relating to the UFC.
  • Pay particular attention to player injuries.
  • Take a risk by betting on the underdog. Make sure that the underdog is worth the risk. This is because betting on the underdog has previously proven to be quite profitable.
  • Do your research don’t bet on a fighter because of the hype.
  • Pick the correct sportsbook. Some will offer great promotions and bonuses, which will go a long way.

UFC Betting Canada 2019


Punters in Canada need to always make sure that the fighter they are betting their buck on is worth their money. Placing Wagers on the UFC is great because it is not a sport boxed into seasons. There are plenty of fights taking place throughout the year. If you are ready to make some extra cash sign up with any of our sportsbooks to get started. There are great rewards waiting for you!

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