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Best Basketball Betting in Canada

basketball guideBasketball has a huge following all over the world as do teams that are involved in the sport. However, the sport is more popular in North America where a lot of the teams are famous all over the world. So, it is not surprising that they would be a lot of people who are interested in basketball betting.

As a result, we have put this basketball online betting guide for betting rookies and seasoned gamblers who want to brush on their internet betting knowledge. Our guide has information on how betting on this sport works, tips for betting, betting lines and odds. You will also find a list of the top recommended basketball betting sites that accept Canadian bettors and the C$.

Top Canadian Basketball Betting Sites

Our expert reviewers have vetted the list of betting sites below to be trustworthy and reputable. They offer the best betting lines and odds for basketball online betting in Canada.



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How Does Basketball Betting Work?

As we have mentioned the sport of basketball is very popular. The NBA is the most popular league under the sport with many successful teams. Canada also has a league known as the National Basketball League of Canada (NBL Canada). You can choose to bet on any of the mentioned leagues and others for real money online.

Before you can even place your first bet, you will need to find a reputable and trusted betting website. It is always advised to open at two or three of the best Canadian basketball betting sites that has the best betting lines and odds. Register a real money account and deposit money to start your betting. You will get awarded with a sign-up bonus to get you started on top of the money you have deposited.

Basketball Betting Options

You will also need to know what kind of bets are available for this sport so that when you make your bet, you understand what kind of bet you have made. See the different types of basketball betting odds and lines below.

  • Moneyline Bets – The most common bets and the easiest to understand and place. Moneyline bets allow you to bet on the team that you think will be the outright winner of the matchup.
  • Totals Bets – it is also known as the over/under bets. When you place this kind of bet, you will be betting that the overall score for a matchup will either be over or under the total that the bookmakers have created.
  • Point spread bets – bookmakers use this bet to even out the playing field for teams that have been put together in a matchup but are not evenly matched. You will have to bet on the team that will win by the margin the sportsbooks have listed.
  • Parlay and teaser bets – these are also known as exotic bets. With these bets, you will be wagering on the winner/s of two or more match-ups. When you make the parlay bets, you can either use the point spread bet or money line bets. The bets that you will make for the teasers is the point spread which you can adjust in your favour.

NBA Basketball Betting Tips

By now you have picked up the NBA is the most popular league in the basketball sport. Which means that it also gets more bets out of all the other leagues in the sport. We offer a guide that further explain betting on the NBA and which betting sites are the top-recommended for betting on the league. You will be able to bet on the whole season of the NBA using any of the bets that we have mentioned above.

basketball betting guide CA

College Basketball Betting Guide – NCAA Betting Picks

Another league that grabs a lot of attention under the basketball sports umbrella is college basketball. A lot of bettors find the NCAA lucrative to place wagers on because of the nature of the young athletes. Same as the NBA you will be able to bet on the college leagues in the sport all season. However, NCAA March Madness is the most popular part that excites bettors and sportsbooks. There can be a lot of lucrative bets that you make on this national championship.

NBL Canada Basketball Betting

This league was formed in 2011 will only three teams. The league has since then grown to have ten teams out of which the Halifax Hurricanes has been able to make it to the NBA finals. Even though the NBA has the most significant following, the NBL also has bettors that place wagers on the teams involved. The bets types mentioned above of bets apply to the NBL basketball betting.

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