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Best Alberta Sports Betting Guide Canada

Our guide to Alberta sports betting is meant to help punters navigate the world of online betting in the province of Alberta, Canada. Punters can indulge in an array of sports betting options in Alberta. If you are a football fan or an ice hockey fan, there is a sportsbook for you. While going to retailers in the province has a culture attached to it, betting sites provide punters with convenience. If you are young, then you probably live your life on the go, while a seasoned punter prefers to stay home and be comfortable. Betting at betting sites provides you with both options.

In our guide to Alberta Sports Betting, we will look at the various sportsbooks that punters based in this province can trust. We will also look at some of the gambling laws in Alberta. There are more than four million people living in Alberta, and plenty of them are sports betting fans. In 2015 alone, it was estimated that over C$25 billion was spent on gambling. This is no surprise as the province is home to successful sports teams, such as the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers.


Alberta Sports Betting Canada


Top Alberta Sports Betting Sites



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Online Sports Betting Alberta

We mentioned in our introduction that there were plenty of options available when betting on the internet. Albertans can place bets at any one of the above-listed sportsbooks. Prior to signing up with a betting site always make sure that it is licensed and regulated by a reputable authority. The most popular products in betting is known as Sport Select. These are Point Spread, Proline and


A proline bet works similar to a parlay. It has to be done with at least three selections and at most, six. For your wager to be successful, you have to correctly guess each selection. Most punters in Canada start their betting journey with the use of the proline option with many of them betting on the NHL.

Point spread

Second to the proline in terms of popularity, the point spread gives bettors the chance to predict the final result of up to twelve sports events. In this case, you can bet on the home team, typically seen as the favourite. Or, you can bet on the visitors to win, typically seen as the underdogs.


This betting option is also known as the moneyline bet. With this betting option, you don’t have to consider the odds or points spreads like the previous betting options. it is enjoyed by many Alberta punters because of its simplicity.

Popular Sports Teams in Alberta

Now, if you are new to sports betting then chances are you’ll want to know which teams you can bet on from Alberta. Below, we’ve listed only teams participating in professional leagues that you can wager on.

  • Edmonton Oilers – NHL
  • Calgary Stampeders – CFL
  • Edmonton Eskimos – CFL

Gambling Laws

Formed in 1995, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) currently serves as the governing body for all things gambling in Alberta. Sports wagering and gaming must be carried out in accordance with the above-mentioned piece of legislation. The AGLC imposes Act through the licensing and monitoring of retailers and gaming establishments. This includes privately-owned land-based casinos, charitable gaming licences, bingo halls and First Nations-owned and operated casino facilities.

Betting online in Alberta is not prohibited. This is because there are no laws prohibiting punters from placing bets at betting sites. If you are looking to establish a betting retailer without following proper protocol then it is imperative that we warn against that. It is illegal.


There are plenty of options punters in Alberta can exercise when it comes to betting. Whether you enjoy going to retailers or enjoy betting on the internet, there is something for everybody. Betting using sportsbooks online has seen some growth in Alberta, and this may be attributed to betting on single-team sports. This is permitted in at retailers.

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