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Prince Edward Island Sports Betting Guide

Prince Edward Betting GuidePrince Edward Sports Betting is what we’ll be tackling in this guide. Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest province, both inland area and population. The region is not large enough to have a professional sports team. This has not stopped residents in the province from being sports fanatics. Although Prince Edward Island does not have that many active bettors as opposed to the rest of Canada, there are several forms of legal gambling that bettors can indulge in. Don’t let the size of the province fool you, because Prince Edward Island offers more betting opportunities than most popular regions in the world.

Now, we mentioned that there are plenty of platforms punters can make use of. Prince Edward Island Sports Betting is made easy through the use of offshore sports betting sites. Punters in this region can sign up to any of the sites we’ve listed to make their lives easier. By joining these sites, you will be met with a few benefits. Firstly, you will receive promotions and bonuses you normally wouldn’t get from land-based sports betting retailers. Secondly, making use of a web-based betting site is great because it affords you a level of convenience. In other words, bettors can place bets while on their phones, laptops, or tablets.

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How to Bet on Sports on the Island

Prince Edward Island sports betting uses the Pro-line services which they adopted from the Atlantic Lottery Corporation. When you opt to use this service then here are a few betting options to consider.

  • Proline – choose up to eight games to bet on in one betting ticket. This method is also known as the parlay betting option. The bets can be spread out in different leagues and the main aim would be for you to select the winners in each of the games. If you bet on a team to win and they don’t then your whole bet is lost.
  • Proline Futures – in this case, you are given the opportunity to bet on a team to win either a tournament or a league. You have to do so before the start of the league or tournament.
  • Stadium Bets – this betting option gives you the opportunity to bet on up to eight games while making use of the three popular betting options; the moneyline, point spreads and totals.
  • Proline Stadium Picks – you are expected to bet on the winners of sports matches. Depending on where you are placed on the leader board you could get a share of the prize pool.

Betting Laws in Prince Edward Island

The pro-line system is the only legalised betting structure in the region. The law permits parlay betting on all sporting events. However, single team betting is illegal and therefore prohibited. Online sports betting, on the other hand, is not illegal but has been fully embraced by the law. Punters can place bets online using offshore betting sites. However, there is no law prohibiting online wagering at a fully licensed and regulated betting site.


There aren’t any professional sports teams in Prince Edward Island that punters in that region can bet on. However, in the spirit of patriotism, there are national sports teams worth your buck. If you are new to the world of sports betting then allow us to recommend the betting sites our experts sourced. They aim to make the whole experience easier for you. Prince Edward Island sports betting options are plenty and bettors are left with quite a few solid options.

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