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Stanley Cup Canada

Stanley Cup CAThe Stanley cup is the ultimate championship title in the National Hockey League. It is the only cup final that has the playoffs titled after it. Punters from Canada look forward to the Stanley Cup playoffs every year as well the final game in which the winners emerge. The reason behind the enthusiasm is because of the various betting platforms that are made available during this time. Another reason behind the excitement is the number of games that take place during this season.

Stanley Cup Playoffs can be explained as elimination games. Eight teams from both the NHL Western and NHL Eastern compete for the Stanley Cup. In this guide, we will be looking at the structure of the playoffs. We will also take a look at some of the sportsbooks that bettors from Canada can use to place their bets. There are various bets that can be placed in the Stanley Cup. We will take a look at these bets as well, for your convenience.

Best Sportsbooks for Stanley Cup Bets

There is various sports betting site that Canadian punters can use for betting on the Stanley Cup. To assist with making the right decision we have compiled a list of reputable sportsbooks. They have the best odds and constantly updated information to make betting easy for you.



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What You’ll Find in this Guide:

Structure for the Stanley Cup

Since the established of the Eastern and Western conferences in the National Hockey League in 1976 the NHL structure sees constant changes. 16 teams, made up of eight teams from each conference take part in the playoffs. Under each conference, there are two divisions. In the Western Conference, there are the Pacific and Central divisions and in the Eastern conference, there are the Metropolitan and Atlantic divisions. Let’s look at the structure from the beginning.

  • The top three teams in the divisions will make be part of the 12 teams in the playoffs.
  • The Wild Card teams will fill up the last four spots. This brings the total to 16.
  • During the first round, the teams will be separated into brackets by divisions.
  • Each of the bracket divisions will consist of four teams, top three in each division plus a Wild Card team.
  • The winner in each of the bracket divisions proceeds to the next round of the playoffs.
  • Winners of the bracket divisions advance to the conference finals.
  • The last two standing teams in each of the conferences face off with each other.
  • In the conferences there will now be one team each, remaining. Both these teams face off in the Stanley Cup.
Stanley cup

Available Betting Options in the Stanley Cup Playoffs

We mentioned earlier that there plenty of wagering options available to bettors that wanted to places bets in the playoffs. The available betting options are listed below.

  • Puck line
  • Moneyline
  • Over/Under or Totals
  • Futures bets
  • Proposition bets

The Stanley Cup brings more excitement and fun to the NHL. With the various teams participating the playoffs it’s always a wonder to see which team will lift the trophy. If you want to be part of action then don’t forget to sign up at any of our sportsbooks. There are some great bonuses waiting for you. Get in on the fun today!

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