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The ATP Has Banned Nick Kyrgios Following Investigations

The investigation into Nick Kyrgios’ behaviour at the ATP Master event has been concluded by the ATP. Executive Vice President of Rules and Competition, Gayle David Bradshaw, conducted the said investigation and has found that Kyrgios is guilty of committing aggravated behaviour under the Player Major Offense provision in the ATP Code.

Nick Kyrgios, the Australian tennis player, hurled insults at a chair umpire. Following that, the player left the court and smashed two tennis rackets during a second-round loss Western & Southern Open. This follows a fine that Kyrgios received from the ATP amounting to $113 000 for eight offences.

Kyrgios has been fined $25 000 for his behaviour at the Western & Southern Open. The fine has been coupled with a 16-week long ban. He has also been placed on probation for a period of six months. The press release by the ATP stated that both the fine and the suspension may be deferred dependent on a number of conditions laid out by the ATP.


Nick Kyrgios Canada

Nick Kyrgios Previous Offences

Nick Kyrgios was suspended back in 2016 for eight weeks due to lacking to, in tennis terms, ‘give best efforts’. This occurred at the Shanghai Masters. In May at the Italian Open, the player was fined, once more, following his bad behaviour. He bashed his racket on the ground, kicked a bottle and threw a chair during the final set.

Last month, August, Nick Kyrgios accused the ATP of being corrupt. He rectified the sentiments in a press conference following a victory at the US Open. He stated that calling the ATP ‘corrupt’ was a wrong choice of words. The remarks were made when he was asked about the fine he received in Cincinnati at the Western & Southern Open. He said the intention behind the comments was to highlight what he calls ‘the double standards’ he thinks exist in the ATP.

Conclusion of a second Investigation

The ATP also investigated the comments Nick Kyrgios made against them at the US Open. They have finalised that the matter did not constitute a Player Major Offense. Therefore, there are no additional sanctions that ought to be applied.

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